DK Donuts

The cronut craze has taken LA by way of Santa Monica.  What’s a cronut you might be asking yourself?  Uhh, have you been living under a rock?  I guess there are actually a lot of under rock dwellers.  It’s been described as a “half donut, half croissant pastry hybrid.”  It originated at Dominique Ansel’s bakery in NYC and there have been many knockoffs popping up across the country.



O-Nuts glazed, nutella, cinnamon sugar (upper left moving clockwise)

Due to the proprietary nature of the name “cronut,” DK donuts was forced to change its original name DKronuts to O-Nuts.  So lame sounding huh?

Glazed O-Nut

The glazed one was not too sweet and just what you would imagine.

Cinnamon Sugar O-Nut

Cinnamon sugar could have been a little sweeter but still good.

Nutella O-Nut

Surprisingly, nutella was my favorite and actually the most popular flavor at DK.  It looks like a goopy hot mess, but its better than it looks.  Not super sugary.

Glazed Blueberry Cake Donut & DK Famous Glazed Donut

Man their other regular donuts are just whatever.  Yum Yum is still the best glazed donut in my heart.

At $5 a pop, these o-nuts are breaking the bank.  They’re good, but I think at their baseline DK donuts does not have a very good croissant dough to work with.  I think they just make them into donut shapes and fry ’em up.  I imagine the original cronut in NYC to be a high quality croissant pastry that gets fried up.  The one here is sorta chewy and not flaky, buttery enough.  Maybe I’m just being hypercritical, but I expected something more mind blowing.  At least I didn’t have to wait in some crazy long ass line for these.  I just had to deal with a bunch of UCLA Asian kids taking pictures with their IPhones and tweeting.  Those Asian foodies are so goddamn annoying huh???

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