Tokyo Fried Chicken Co.

Since getting back to the blog after a long hiatus, I haven’t had any real noteworthy dining experiences.  But along comes Tokyo Fried Chicken Co., which restores my faith in the delicious possibilities of this world.  You’re probably thinking, what’s so special about this fried chicken?  The meat is juicy and tasty, while the outside is just perfectly battered and seasoned.  Mmm, my mouth is watering just remembering it.  It tastes like a more mildly seasoned karaage chicken.  But what really makes the place special are the Japanese style sides.  Lo-Ma Linda and Big Head Talks ALot did not know what to expect coming to this little joint all the way out in Monterey Park, but they were very very pleased with the food.

So much beer! Too bad I don’t like beer, except to wash out the taste of stinky tofu in my mouth (long story).

The Sauces ponzu, spicy ponzu, sweet spicy soy

Instead of BBQ sauce, ketchup, or whatever else people usually eat with their fried chicken, Tokyo Fried Chicken Co. serves up the most delicious ponzu sauce, a spicy variety, and a sweet spicy soy sauce.  The latter reminds me of the flavoring you’d find on Korean fried chicken.  It was too sweet for my liking.  I just stuck with the ponzu and I was very happy.  Honestly, you could eat the chicken without any sauces, and it would still be perfect.  Lo-Ma Linda was really going gaga for the ponzu though.  It’s definitely better than the kind you can buy at the store.

Chicken Dinner Set for 3 dark meat thighs/legs, house pickled cabbage, chicken rice

Since there were 3 of us, we ordered the dinner set for 3 which comes with 3 wings, 3 thighs, and 3 drumsticks.  Big Head Talks Alot was very happy it was all dark meat, and commented that the restaurant probably knew that Asian people only like to eat dark meat anyways.  The cabbage was pickled in the style of the pickled ginger you get with your sushi.  It was really quite delicious and refreshing paired with the heavy chicken.

Yum so crispy!  Mmm so moist!  Derricious!
Chicken rice was just what you think it would be, rice made in chicken stock and very lightly seasoned.  It went perfectly with the seasoned fried chicken.

Buttered Corn yuzu soy

The corn was gobbled up, it was soo good.

Marinated Mushroom Salad

I guess nobody liked this one as much as I did.  The mushrooms were hearty and fresh.  The dressing was tangy.  I thought it contrasted nicely with the other dishes.  I’m gonna try to recreate this dish at home!

Shisito Peppers den miso, arare

I don’t understand what’s so special about shisito peppers, but Big Head Talks Alot had to have them.  The den miso was not too sweet.  Those little balls are “arare” which are rice crackers flavored with soy.  I can’t say I tasted much of it.

Mac and Cheese

This was added in addition to our dinner set because everyone was raving about it.  I think if you like mac and cheese you will like this.  It’s reeeallly cheesy and creamy.  I’m not sure what the Japanese spin on this was besides the nori on top, but there was definitely something Japanese tasting about it.  I wonder what kind of cheese they use.  It definitely tasted different than other mac and cheese I’ve had.

We were all REALLY happy with our dinner at Tokyo Fried Chicken Co.  We were NOT happy with the over 1 hour wait for a table on a weekday.  Like most other Japanese restaurants, this place has at best 10-12 tables and of course does not take reservations.  I do think the place is worth it, especially if you like fried chicken.  They’re just doing something pretty special here that I haven’t found anywhere else.  The chicken was pretty perfect, the sauces were amazingly complementary, the sides were tasty and hit the spot.  I’d come back in a heart beat.  Who’s with me??

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