Food (verb)
To partake in activities relating or pertaining to the study, consumption, creation, or admiration of all that is edible and preferably delicious.

Welcome to my outlet for my life’s passion, food! I’m a Los Angeles Portland Los Angeles/Orange County based foodie who loves baking, cooking, and most of all, trying new foods and restaurants. Unfortunately, “fooding” is not my profession, so I spend my days slaving away for chump change while I dream of all that delights my little (or not so little, these days) tummy. Enjoy my adventures while I journey through the land of deliciousness!

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  1. Tom Schaal says:

    Roy’s Ko Olina is amazing to us. The cream Brussel sprouts, the Mongolian ribs, butterfish – all to die for. We’ve had it 3 nights in a row.


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