Tea Station’s Green Milk Tea

Bear with me as I use an uncharacteristic amount of words for this particular entry.  It’s been an entry 2.5 years in the making!

Anyone who really knows me, would know that I have a major obsession with Tea Station’s Green Milk Tea.  If you know my family, you will know that my sister shares this same obsession.  Whenever Triple F comes to town, she hits up Tea Station at least once a day.  The Bay Area just isn’t replete with Tea Stations like Southern California.  I’ve been to every Tea Station in Southern California and I love them all.

You may ask, “What’s so special about Tea Station?”  If you’re asking this question, then you know very little about tea drinks.  Tea Station uses very high quality tea and its very apparent in their drinks.  While other boba shops serve drinks that are sugary sweet or overwhelmingly milky, Tea Station serves drinks that are bright, refreshing, and well balanced to allow the true flavor of the tea to sing through with every slurp.  You may prefer your milk tea very milky, so to each his own.  I prefer a light milky sweetness with a relative strong tea flavor.  Tea Station consistently serves up individually shaken drinks like this.  It’s an extremely rare occasion to find any other drink spot that makes drinks any other way.  Trust me, the H.o.P. trekked through Taiwan trying every single milk tea we could fit in our stomachs and only Ten Ren managed to meet our expectations.

Because of accessibility issues (Tea Stations are not conveniently located in LA like Starbucks and are nowhere near the Pacific Northwest), I started on a journey to recreate Tea Station’s green milk tea at home.  What a journey it has been!  You think it was as easy as brewing up some tea, adding some sugar, some milk, shake shake and serve.  NO, it was nothing like that!  First off, finding the right tea was more difficult than I thought.  I knew they used Jasmine tea, but when I purchased their Jasmine tea bags, the result was disappointing.  I tried green tea, jasmine green tea, but no luck.  The aroma just was not there.  When I asked what tea they used in their teas, they directed me to same things I was using.  I had a suspicion that they did not want to let me in on their secrets.  So I went to another tea cafe that served up drinks very similar in quality to Tea Station, Cha for Tea in Alhambra.   At least there they were honest with me and told me they used very high quality expensive tea.  I bought their tea at $22 for a half pound of jasmine tea.  Finally I concluded that expensive high quality tea was the key!  The aroma, the taste, it was all there.  Soon enough, I stumbled upon a Tea Station employee who showed me which tea they use.


The key is this ten-luh jasmine tea, which has to be brewed very strong and concentrated or else the flavor of the tea while be washed out by the cream and sugar.  You can buy it at Tea Station or any specialty tea stores for about $24-28.


Next on this journey was figuring out how the drinks were sweetened.  It was clear that sugar did not provide that intense zing of sweetness in these drinks.  Unfortunately fructose isn’t something you can easily buy in your local supermarket.  Whole Foods sold fructose in powder format so I purchased that and made a simple syrup.  That was totally the wrong sweetner.  As luck would have it, I came across fructose in a Japanese market.  Unfortunately, they stopped selling it but I found another brand at the 99 Ranch Market.  Finally, I found it!

When it came to the cream element, I tried all sorts of combinations.  Just to be clear, condensed milk is the absolute WRONG ingredient.  Using this will make your drinks taste gross.  Half and half is a decent option, but I concluded that non dairy creamer in powder form is the best option.  The pre made creamer options found in the refrigerated dairy section has a very subtle off taste, so I stick to the powder form.


I will usually make a large amount of tea to store in the fridge and make an individual cup whenever I feel like it.

Tea Station Green Milk Tea 

For the tea (makes 4 cups of tea)

3 heaping tbsp Ten-Luh Jasmine Green Tea

5 1/3 cup water

For the green milk tea (makes 1 drink)

1 1/4 cups cooled tea

2-3 tbsp fructose

3 tbsp non dairy creamer dissolved in 3 tbsp hot water

6-8 ice cubes (depending on size)

1.  Heat up 5 1/3 cups of water to just boiling

2.  Add to a teapot with the tea


3.  Steep for about ~7 minutes (You can steep anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea.  I think Tea Station steeps on the lower side, maybe about 5 minutes, but I like a strong tea taste.  The tea should taste very very bitter and be pretty dark)

4.  Strain prepared tea into a container to cool in the refrigerator for a few hours (You can throw it into the freezer for a quick cool down if you intend to serve your tea sooner rather than later)

5.  You can use a martini shaker like they use in the shop, but I just use a tumbler to shake up the tea, fructose, creamer, and ice together.

There you have it folks.  Probably about 2.5 years of slow research presented to you in an instant!  My job here is done.  The only thing I have not been able to find are the super long bendy straws since the regular bendy straws are too short for my tumbler =(


I’ll have to admit that my version doesn’t taste EXACTLY like Tea Station’s.  In fact, mine has a stronger tea flavor, which I’ve actually grown to like, maybe even better than Tea Station’s.  If you are a true tea lover, than you will surely like my take on my favorite drink.  Keep in mind you can have it hot or cold too!

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  1. Chumnum Rice Noodle says:

    my god, I have found someone with the same obsession as I do. Teastation’s milk green tea is the closest I’ll come to having an actual addiction. I’ve been trying to brew my own milk green tea, but I have been met with failure every single time. Thank you so much for this!.


    1. No problem! Glad I’m not alone 😊


  2. ifyoucantbuyitmakeit says:

    thank you for the post! My wife is a milk tea fanatic (I also like it as well but just not as crazy as she is about milk tea). We recently moved to a place where boba is a luxury good, no doubt (the closest boba shop is in Boston, 1.5 hrs from where we live). Thus, I am officially in the business of trying to make milk tea myself. I’m having some difficulty finding the fructose you mentioned… any alternatives/suggestions? We have been just adding two Tbsp of sugar. Thank you!


    1. Bigger Asian markets will carry this, which it sounds like you may not have access to. If you want to be really hardcore about it, Amazon sells an 11lb jug of the same fructose I use. I’ve made the drink using simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water) and it definitely lacks the same zing as fructose. If you don’t mind that it will not be an exact copycat of the drinks you get from the boba shops then that’s just your best bet. Goodluck!


  3. cingdoc says:

    Thank you so much for your post. My vice is Tea Station’sHoney Black Tea. For 7 years, I worked near one so I was spoiled. I have since moved away, not far, 45 Min away, but not convenient. I, too, bought Tea Station’s own black tea bags but could never get the sweetness right. I will definitely try the fructose you’ve mentioned. Thank you again. Enjoy your tea 🙂


    1. cingdoc says:

      Went to RH 99 Ranch and TS Emporium and couldn’t find the fructose. :(( any suggestions?


      1. cingdoc says:

        3rd one is the charm. Found it. Made a batch of Honey black tea and it’s great! Thank you again for the tips.


  4. MilkTeaAll Day says:

    Thank you thank you thank you. My siblings like the green milk tea. I like their black milk tea. During this coronavirus quarantine, your post is a blessing. Do you happen to know which black tea they use for their original milk tea? Thank you.


    1. Sorry I don’t know about the black milk tea.


      1. Milkteaallday says:

        Thank you.


  5. Ava says:

    I was looking up information about Tea Station when I found your blog. Just FYI (and you can Google this), Tea Station and Cha for Tea are franchises under the TenRen Tea Group. Tea Station is mostly regional to SoCal and TenRen’s Tea Shops are mostly in NorCal. Their drinks are the same though. All franchises use the TenRen branded loose leaf teas, which you can actually buy via the TenRen website. Also, yes, TenRen uses syrup for their sweetener. If you don’t have fructose, generic simple syrup is fine. The fruit flavored drinks use fruit simple syrup. (Low quality stores use fruit flavored powder sweeteners.) Never use condensed milk for milk tea unless you are trying to create Hong Kong style milk tea. Acceptable milks include oat milk, unsweetened non-flavored soy or almond milk, half and half, and high fat whole milk. Low-fat milk can be used but it won’t taste as good. YMMV but these are my tips 🙂 Been a TenRen fan since 2007!


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