Local Foods

Local Foods
2424 Dunstan Road
Houston, TX 77005

While my preferred weekend lunch food is probably dim sum, dumplings, or noodles, I have been know to partake in a good sandwich on occasion.  Also, Houston isn’t particularly known for its dim sum, dumplings, or noodles.  I found Local Foods on Yelp because it has garnered over 1000 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.  I felt this was definitely a place I should check out.


Crunchy Chicken nut “crumble”, provolone, buttermilk ranch, pickles, tomato, pretzel bun
I was skeptical about this, but it was a fantastic sandwich.  The nut “crumble” gave great crunchy texture, almost as if I were eating a fried chicken sandwich.  The pickles and ranch provided the perfect balance of flavor and moisture.  And that pretzel bun was so soft and chewy.  Overall, a great sandwich.

Tuscan Kale golden raisins, pine nuts, parmesan
Beets wheatberries, honey, pistachios, mint
The salads were fine overall, but the sandwiches are really the star of the show.  I liked the kale better than the beets.DSC08032

Soba Noodles cucumbers, snow peas, bellpepper, cilantro
Quinoa mango, bellpepper, coconut, almonds
I wouldn’t get the soba noodles again.  The quinoa was my favorite salad among them all.DSC08034

Gulf Shrimp & Crab buttermilk ranch, pickled red onion, tomato, ciabatta
The creamy seafood goodness here was a very close 2nd favorite.  I can’t remember a better seafood sandwich.  It was just the right of cream and salt.  Really well done here.DSC08033

The sandwiches were filling and tasty.  I didn’t feel weighed down at all.  I would come back in a heart beat.  I’m sure every city has its “sandwich” place, and certainly this has to be Houston’s.


10 – You NEED to eat here
9 – Awesome
8 – Very good

7 – Good
6 – OK
5 – Average
4 – Not bad
3 – Not good
2 – Terrible
1 – Do NOT eat here

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