Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

I’m on a total “artisinal” ice cream binge.  Haagen Daaz? Baskin Robbins? Ben & Jerry’s?  No gracias.  Hand scooped, hand made, local ingredients, small batches?  I’ll have a double scoop please!

I’ve been quite pleased with the selection of artisinal ice cream in Portland, so I was on a mission to see what Seattle had to offer.  Their go-to spot seems to be Molly Moon’s.  The line was seriously out the door and took probably 15 minutes.

Waffle Cones

Wonderful isn’t it?  Well if you knew that the line was moving so damn slow because only ONE person was scooping ice cream, while the other person was making a basket of these, then maybe you wouldn’t think this was so wonderful.  I’m not quite sure why the waffle person was moving so frantically since there was a whole other full basket being used to scoop ice cream.

Look at all the delicious flavors!  My money is always on the salted caramel.

I can’t ever just get one flavor. I like to mix and match and go between flavors because, let’s be honest, one flavor gets a bit monotonous. Dumpling Man usually tries to thwart my attempts at overindulgence. So instead of getting a double scoop and feeling like guilty fat asses afterwards, we’ve wised up and now will split a single scoop with 2 flavors. It actually turns out to be a good amount of ice cream to share.
Salted Caramel

Pretty darn solid, but not as good as Sweet Rose Creamery in Brentwood.

Maple Walnut

I liked the little walnut bits throughout and it wasn’t too sweet.

I was very happy with the flavors here.  What was very special was the texture.  While still being that creamy dense texture I look for in quality ice creams, Molly Moon’s had quite a bit of air incorporated into it without making it taste like the cheap generic brands at the market.  It still had that luscious richness.  It’s actually quite unique, and hard to describe unless you eat it yourself.  Another measure of a good ice cream is how melty it is, and the stuff here can sit around for a good amount of time without turning into a giant puddle.  Bravo!  I’m definitely coming back to this place!
Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

917 E. Pine St.

Seattle, WA 98122

(multiple locations)

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