Ferry Building Farmer’s Market

So after an awesome dinner at Gary Denko, we woke up the next morning wondering what our next food adventure might be.  We had reservations for Bottega in Napa Valley at 5pm, so we didn’t want to eat anything too heavy or too filling.  Triple F suggested the Farmer’s Market where we could just try some small things here and there and still have space for carbo loading later in the day at Bottega.  I had been to the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building before, but never to eat real food.

I remember watching Anthony Bourdain feast at Primavera.  I was having a craving for Mexican food, so I figured now was the time to see if Anthony Bourdain knew what he was talking about.  As you can see, this ain’t no $1 taco stand.

Primavera Chilaquiles Guanajuato organic local scrambled eggs, refried beans, sour cream, avocado, white onions, cilantro

Everything was kinda whatever.  I think I’ve had better chilaquiles.  The other members of the H.o.P. could not understand what possessed me to stand in such a long line for such unimpressive eats.  I blame it on Anthony Bourdain, but maybe I shoulda had the tamales which is the more popular option here.

Namu The Real Korean “Tacos” ssam style tacos, seasoned rice, daikon & kimchee salsa, kimchee remoulade, housemade teriyaki, Japanese & Korean toasted seaweed, chicken or beef

It’s amazing I remember anything else about this dish aside from how difficult it was to eat since Smooth Obturator kept bitching about it.  If you’ve ever had Korean seaweed, you’ll know that it wilts pretty easily with warm rice.  So I would agree that this “taco” lacked the needed structural component, but I still think it was pretty tasty.  It probably should be eaten with chopsticks or shoved into one’s piehole ASAP since it’s likely to fall apart on you if you don’t act fast enough.

Gamja Fries handcut potatoes, kimchee relish, gochujang, kewpie mayo, terikyaki, chopped short ribs, green onions

These were pretty similar in flavor profile to the tacos.  I thought it was equally yummy, but maybe a bit heavier with all those fried potatoes.

Sadly, I had to wait the longest for the most disappointing of our eats that day.  Here is Triple T standing guard over all the deliciousness against the likes of Creepy McCreepster over in the back.

Roli Roti  Gourmet Porchetta Sandwich 

I think this by far is the most popular eatery at the farmer’s market with a line that is usually 50+ people long.  That day, it was maybe 30 people long, so lucky us, right?  The pork was juicy and well seasoned and that caramelized onions were sweet and added flavor and moisture.  I thought there was just too much bread.  I think there’s also supposed to be crispy skin in there but I don’t remember tasting it, or maybe it softened up by the time I took my bites.  I can see why people like this, but I dunno if I’d stand in a line forever for it.

Crabcakes Sandwich

I’m not sure where this was from but it was pretty tasty.  A little too much bread again, but Triple T liked this one.  The crab was plentiful and it was a very moist sandwich.

Blue Bottle Coffee Co.  Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

We wandered inside the Ferry Building to round out the meal with something sweet.  My sister wanted us to try the waffles that people wait in line for at Blue Bottle Coffee Co.  I had to try the cookie, but it was not so impressive.  Their hot cocoa was pretty delicious though.  The picture came out blurry but it was soo rich, but not overly sweet and unnatural tasting like the kind of hot cocoa you get at Starbucks.  I’m sure this was 1000 calories since it was probably made from whole milk.  It tasted that rich and creamy.

Belgian Waffle

The waffles here are pretty popular.  I think waffle is a misnomer because these have a texture more akin to a dense donut or croissant.  The dough is a little more buttery or greasy for a waffle, and not light and fluffy like you’d expect.  I appreciate the subtle sweetness, but it was too greasy for me.  Triple F seemed to enjoy it very much.  I on the other hand was loving the hot cocoa, which was so nice on that blustery SF day.

The Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building always proves to be an enjoyable destination.  You can’t go wrong with free samples from the local farmers and all the food stand options.  The stuff is pretty darn pricey, but its fun to have your pick of things and feel like you’re getting something fresh, local, organic, etc etc.  I guess my only complaint is having to squat down to eat with a bench for a table and all that wind making my food cold.  As time goes on, I find myself becoming more of a princess or maybe more of an old lady.  These knees ain’t made for squatting around and eating at the same time.

Ferry Building Farmer’s Market & Marketplace

1 Ferry Bldg

San Francisco, CA 94111

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  1. One of the best spots in the city! Great pictures!


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