Drop everything that you’re doing RIGHT NOW and book a trip to Seattle.  You’ll totally thank me when you get there, there being Paseo, a Cuban sandwich joint with 2 locations in Seattle.  Now, Paseo happens to be pretty famous.  I’ve seen it featured on multiple food and travel shows.  As well all know, these shows aren’t always the most reliable.  Sometimes they draw attention to mediocre food that’s just popular for historical reasons.  Going in, I had my doubts, but every crazy amazing delicious bite of the sandwiches here made me a true fan.

The place is really small, only a handful of tables inside and small counter for ordering.  The place is cash only, so don’t be like the foolish couple in front of me that was scrambling to find an ATM when they got to the top of the line!  We got there at 2pm and there was a pretty decent line outside, but it was moving and we had our hands on our sandwiches after 20-25min.

Midnight Cuban Press roasted pork, sweet banana peppers, smoked ham, swiss cheese, caramelized onions

It really doesn’t look like a big deal, but no joke, this sh*t is the REAL deal.  The pork is moist, succulent, and slow roasted.  The ham, cheese, and caramelized onions, in Emeril’s words really kick it up a notch.  The banana peppers add a spicy sweet sourness.  Drool.

Cuban Roast pork shoulder, paseo marinade, slow roasted

More delicious pork and perfectly spiced marinade was oozing we the most amazing creamy mayo.  With the juices from the pork and sweetness from the onions, this sandwich was damn near perfect.  The bread was crispy on the outside but was sopping up ever last bit of meat juice, mayo, and oil.  HEAVEN.


In between mouthfuls of pork, bread, and just incredible deliciousness, Dumpling Man and I bantered back and forth about which sandwhich we liked better.  We would devour one sandwich for a bit, and extol its amazing culinary virtues, then trade sandwiches and then contradict ourselves saying that now that sandwich was the better one.  In the end, we just agreed that there could be no winner at Paseo.  Both sandwiches were just too F*CKING AMAZING for comparison.  The pictures really don’t do the sandwiches much justice.  My mouth is just watering thinking about these guys again.  Seattle has become replete with “must hit-up’s” for us, from Mee Sum Pastry (only the Pike Place location), to Din Tai Fung, and now we gotta add Paseo to the list.  Soon enough, we won’t have room or time to try anythign else new during our short weekend getaways to Seattle.
If you don’t like the sandwich here, you must be the biggest FOOL ever!
4225 Fremont Ave.
Seattle, WA  98103


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