Random Bangkok Eats

If you ever go to Bangkok, you HAVE to go to the Siam Paragon Mall.  You may say to yourself, why would I want to fly thousands of miles to go shopping?  This is true, some of you world travelers look down your nose at people who “waste” time and money to do all the things they could easily do in their home countries.  However, the Siam Paragon is more than just a mall with expensive high end stores and a movie theater no less.  It houses the LARGEST, and that is probably the biggest understatement of the century, foodcourt I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The following pictures really do the place no justice, but the foodcourt literally occupies an entire floor of this mall.  It’s endless stalls of food as far as the eye can see in ALL directions.  I’m sad I did not know about the foodcourt here or I would have penciled in a culinary tour of this place and skipped the hotel breakfast.  Alas, I could only look, wonder, and regret.  I managed to squeeze in some boba and sausage.

Yumm!!  So delicious!!

Outside of the US, I think only Taiwan makes acceptable Boba drinks.

In one of my drunken states, I did manage to get a snapshot of the food at one of the wedding celebration nights.

The khao soi that night was EXCELLENT!  High-five to the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel!

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