So after the previous nights less than impressive seafood, I got lazy and did not take pictures of the ONE meal with what ended up being the best tom yum kum soup I’ve ever tasted and freshest most tender prawns in red chili sauce.  What I believed to be Aroonsom Food Park, was actually probably the Patong Seafood Park that was serving this amazing food.  In any case, what’s done was done, and I only have the memories in my head to remember that meal.

For our final dinner in Phuket, we really wanted excellent seafood even if we had to pay out the nose for it.  We were tempted to walk back to the Patong Seafood Park, but instead opted for something different and went with Savoey at the recommendation of the concierge.  We had an inkling it would be pricey especially after seeing it was an indoors, air conditioned, bright, and clean dining establishment.  By the time we had braved the ladyboys and ping pong show offerings of Bangla Road, we were hot, tired, and hungry and just wanted to eat.

Prawns in Red Chili Paste

Dumpling Man, Panda Bear, and Token Bear went off to hand select our seafood that was to meet its doom at the hands of boiling water and vats of scalding hot oil.  The prawns were good, but they just weren’t as amazing as the previous night’s prawns.  They seemed a bit tougher, perhaps from being overcooked I suspect.  The sauce also didn’t seem to penetrate the meat as well, just lacked that punch.

Steamed Mussels with Thai Herbs

These were kind of bland.  The Thai herbs like lemongrass and garlic added fragrant flavors but I think this one needed some salt.  They were great after dipping them in the crazy chili garlic fish sauce dipping sauces.

Tom Yum Kum

Another dish that was just not as good as the previous nights.  The seafood was definitely bigger here though.

Morning Glory

A standard of our meals.

Crab with Garlic Pepper

The crab was probably the best seafood of the night, if you were willing to buckle down and work for it.  The meat was sweet and tender.

Shrimp in Green Curry

Green curry is big down in Phuket it seemed.  It was spicy and fragrant.  Yum!

Pad See Ew

I’m sad to say that I like pad see ew back in US better.

Steamed Red Snapper with Lime and Thai Herbs

A very big meaty fish, but it lacked some punch.

Mango Sticky Rice

A sweet end to a grand meal.

Maybe I would have looked more fondly upon this meal if we hadn’t had a more spectacular meal the night before.  I’ll have to admit that it was pretty nice to NOT have to sweat and swat away mosquitoes while enjoying my meal in the comforts of a brightly lit, clean, and well air conditioned restaurant.  We certainly paid for ambiance here and it was nice to say goodbye to Phuket this way.  The meal was our most expensive of the trip, about $40 per person.  I probably would not go back or recommend this place.  The trek through Bangla Road to get here was certainly something I would recommend *wink wink*

Savoey Seafood Restaurant

136, Thaweewong Road

Patong Beach, Kathu

Phuket, 83150

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