Marie Callendar’s Fresh Strawberry Pie

Anybody who knows me, knows that I have a penchant for this particular pie from Marie Callendar’s.  It’s always been tradition to have one of these on my birthday. I was luckily born in April which is the beginning of strawberry season and boy did I reap the season’s bounty year after year. My mom was also born in April and we would heartily finish off a pie just between the 2 of us in about a day and a half. The best part is collecting all the pie tins and then bringing them back for 50cents each and using that towards your next pie purchase. As far back as I could remember, these pies would be for about $7, but now theyre like a whopping $16-17? Anyways, I don’t lament about the cost so much as my mom does. I’m just happy to get my hands on one and to have someone to eat it with. As much of a fatass as I am, I would never attempt finishing one by myself. Dumpling Man helped me eat this one. Most people don’t understand my love for something to simple. To most, it’s just a pie and there are certainly better strawberry pastry preparations out there. I do not disagreed. But this pie just holds a special place in my hurt, or maybe my stomach.

Anyways, since I haven’t been home this much this strawberry season I haven’t been able to get one for me and my mom. Come to think of it, I don’t even think I had one for my birthday this year. Ok, that makes me feel a whole lot better for getting it this time. I was contemplating maybe getting a peach pie, but apparently they stopped making them last week but the strawberry pies will continue to be churned out for another 2 weeks! Now who else thinks this year has an uncommonly long strawberry season? I mean it’s freaking September and there’s still some delicious strawberries out there!

Look! You can see the seeds!

Pardon the un-artistic background. For now I’m working on lighting and keeping steady so that the details of the food come out well. A tripod would certainly solve my problems. I’m just too lazy to get one.

Yummm!! Look at the delectably flakey crust!

I ended up having this slice and a half for snack time, and another at dinner =)

Life is certainly better with Marie Callendar’s Fresh Strawberry Pie in my life. *Sigh*

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