Da Poke Shack

I was super excited to try the #1 rated place on Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat in the US.  We were lucky since Da Poke Shack was only a 5 minute walk from our condo.  We showed up right when it opened, but a crowd quickly amassed.


Overall, the poke was pretty solid.  They have a large variety of poke flavors, if you could call it that.  And they offer different combination platters so you can have plenty of variety in one sitting.  People, or maybe just Fat-Skinny-Fat-Less Fat, rave about the crab salad.  I’m gonna have to disagree.  It’s too mayo-y and the imitation crab just does not do it for me.  Seaweed salad is a winner.  I’m not sure if this place warrants the top place on Yelp’s top 100 list because I wasn’t thaaat impressed.  Though, I would come back here if this place wasn’t on a frickin’ island!


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