So the next few posts are gonna be all sushi.  I guess I ate a lot of it in the month of April.  The one good thing about Orange County is the pretty decent Japanese food.  Costa Mesa has a number of good sushi restaurants.  I had been to Angotei once before and I was pretty impressed by the omakase so I took Mama H.o.P. here for her birthday.  We actually sat in front of the same sushi chef, so I dunno what was up.  Maybe the novelty wore off?  But Mama H.o.P. didn’t seem all that impressed either and it was her first time.
It was a bit heavy to be starting off with toro, but it was delectable.  Not the best, but at least not that oily fishiness I’ve had with not so good toro.


Clean and refreshing.  Probably shoulda started with this one.


Love me some giant clam


Well marinated and flavorful.

Sweet Shrimp

I’ve never been a fan but I’m beginning to appreciate raw shrimp.  It wasn’t bad here.


Oh god, soooo good!

Fried Shrimp Heads

I thought it was unusual for the shrimp heads to be tempura battered.  Mama H.o.P. didn’t like that.  The last time I was here, they fried the heads without batter and it was much better.


One word.  Chewy.

For the life of me I can’t remember what it was, but I don’t remember it being good being fried and then covered in fried onions.


Pretty delicious.


The shiso leaf or whatever herbaceous blanket that swathed this piece of sushi totally lose the bite for me.  I try to like shiso but I just cannot.


It’s never a good sign when sushi is drenched or covered in something.


Mama H.o.P. had to stop here but I kept going and enjoyed the halibut by my lonesome.

Happy Birthday Cheesecake and Oranges!

So cute and so FREE!  Yay for dropping the “it’s my mom’s birthday” line!

I was a bit disappointed by my 2nd visit to Angotei.  They served some weird pieces that could not have been their best catches like the octopus, squid, and albacore.  When I go back, and I will, I’ll just order the usual things I like to eat.  This place definitely has its share of regulars.  The guy next to us has been coming once a week for the past 10 years!  That’s love and dedication.  I, for one, prefer to eat things on a month rotation.  There are exceptions of course, but my palate craves variety!

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