Not all my posts can be about amazing 3 star Michelin restaurants.  Well, at least, some of my readers prefer it that way.  Something about pretentiousness and the like.  So to all of you, I dedicate this entry.

Burgerville is something like the In N’ Out of the Pacific Northwest.  I’m not quite sure if that’s the truth, but I’ve been told something along those lines.  The burgers are supposed to be “pretty good.”  Zhu Zhu Hamster said Burgerville has a notorious reputation around the GI department at her work (if ya know what I mean).  We were originally planning to eat at a very popular brunch place, but the wait was out the door.  I was in the mood for a burger and Burgerville was just a few blocks away.  Hey, why not?  I got a stomache of steel!

All over Burgerville, you see signs extolling the freshness of their ingredients.  Pictures of local farmers and their fresh bounty abound.  Mr. X and his wife make the best cheese that goes into the cheeseburgers.  Brother Y and Brother Z grow the finest produce that goes into the burgers and salads.  Everything is local and sustainable.  It’s really like subliminal brainwashing.  I think it makes your food taste better, seeing how “fresh” and “local” all the ingredients are, while you sit and eat your food. 

Tillamook Cheeseburger

It looks like a hot mess, but it really wasn’t so bad.  The bun was so soft and fluffy.  The patty was pretty meaty.  The sauce was reminiscent of In N’ Out and their thousand island dressing.  The cheese was barely noticeable.  The lettuce and tomatoes were whatevers.   If only some more care and love went into assembling the burger, then I think it would have been a better success.

Yukon Gold Fries

Nothing particularly special here.  They were pretty crispy, but somehow on the tasteless side.  Maybe needed more salt.

Chocolate Hazelnut Milkshake

Dumpling Man was brainwashed by the advertisements and signage around the store so he ordered this.  It was ice cream plus too much chocolate hazelnut powder.  One sip and I was like whooaa, artificial flavor overload!

One thing that I thought was very unique, was that your receipt doubled as your calorie count.  Not only do they print out the prices for you, but they also give you a nutrition and calorie breakdown!  Now if that isn’t full fledged transparency, than I dunno what is.  Bravo to Burgerville for being upfront and honest.  Let’s just say I most certainly exceeded my daily calorie alottment for that day.

Dumpling Man and I patted ourselves on the back for being daring and adventurous.  We ate fast food, which we don’t normally do.  We at fast food that reportedly is deemed unsafe to eat by some people.  We found the burgers tasty, but hardly comparable to the likes of In ‘N Out.  I did feel like I was eating something healthier than your regular fast food, but I think all the marketing got to me.

To end my story, approximately 9 hours after consuming our Burgerville meal, Dumpling Man had what I’ll politely refer to as, “the runs.”  Of course, I laughed at him, but thought that maybe there was some truth to what Zhu Zhu Hamster said.  Approximately 1 hour later, I got “the runs” too.  So there definitely is truth to Burgerville’s notorious reputation.  It’s probably safe to say that this will be the last time I ever eat there.


Visit their website to find a location near you!

(I don’t recommend you do that though)

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