Yu Chun Chic Naeng Myun

I never knew about Korean food until I got to college.  My first experience was not a great one.  I was really put off by all the strong, pungent, and spicy flavors.  Since then I’ve really grown accustomed to the flavors, and have really learned to appreciate the bold taste of Korean cuisine.  I would say these days, Korean food holds a special place in my heart.  I’m not just talking Korean BBQ folks.  Sure I enjoy meat, but I also enjoy other things such as naeng myun.  I will always be grateful to my ex for taking me to Yu Chun Chic Naeng Myun.  For me, its the best naeng myun in town.   I encourage you to take that statement with a grain of salt since I am not Korean, so what do I know?  It’s like when a non-Vietnamese person tells me where to find the best pho.  In my mind, I’m thinking “Oh silly rabbit!  What do YOU know about pho?”

All I know is that I have not had any other naeng myun like the one that is served here.  I was told that the noodles are not made from buckwheat like the usual cold noodles, but in fact are made from arrowroot which supposedly makes them low calorie and healthy?  That’s what the ex told me anyways.

Naeng Myun #2 (#2 has the broth separate, #1 has the broth with the noodles)

The noodles are indescribably toothsome.  I wouldn’t call it al dente.  That just doesn’t do it justice.  They’re slippery while being chewy.  A combination of pickley radishes, cucumbers, a few slices of beef, half a hard boiled egg, a generous sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds, and some crazy delicious spicy red sauce makes up the rest of the dish.  It’s flavor-packed heaven in a cold metal bowl!

Chilled Beef Broth

I am really curious how they make this broth.  You can certainly pick up the essence of beef that is strangely enhanced by the tartness of what I am assuming to be vinegar and sugar?  Again, another indescribable flavor.  I love keeping the noodles and broth separate so I can appreciate both of their distinct flavors instead of having it all mixed together.    I love the little bits of crushed ice as well.  As you could probably already tell, this dish is something Koreans love to eat on those hot summer days.  Too bad we didn’t have very many of those this summer.  I went here on a day when the restaurant was packed.  They gipped me on the portion size and I was sad.  But no worries, they are usually quite generous and one bowl is usually more than enough, even if you’re a monster eater.

Kimchi Dumplings

These bad boys are huge!  I believe they are filled with a mixture of eggs and kimchi.  No meat in these guys.  I don’t think there is much special to these guys, but they are a nice addition to a bowl of naeng myun because they can break the inevitable monotony of spicy pungent garlicky noodles.

This is one of my FAVORITE Korean restaurants.   I certainly won’t let the weather keep me away from this place.  You can find me here, rain or shine.   I always come away from this happy, stuffed, and like it or not, burping essence of spice and garlic.   Don’t be too scared, it’s really not that spicy, but it’s definitely tasty!

Yu Chun

3185 W Olympic Blvd

Los AngelesCA 90006

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