Angelini Osteria

Ever since Osteria Mozza, Italian food has made its way back into my life.  It’s not that I disliked Italian, it’s just that I never had GOOD Italian food.  It all tasted the same.  It was all a lot of carbs and tomato sauce.  Dumpling Man, having many preferences above Italian, was also a contributing factor.   But now, I’ve been on Italian adventure, and I’m loving it!  Smooth Obturator and Triple T had been here before and felt it a solid Italian eat worth revisiting.

Duck Prosciutto arugula, apple salad

I LOVE prosciutto.  My mom and Miss Rhee could probably attest to my LOVE for this Italian cured meat.  At Costco they sell a package of prosciutto of pretty decent quality.  I’m not sure how much the package weighs, but it’s from Costco, so you know it’s a good size.  I can eat the whole thing in a week.  Everyday I’d just eat a couple slices.  By itself!  I eat it like its potato chips.   If I could have a whole Costco sized package of this, I’d be in heaven.   I know how to share, since I grew up with 2 siblings, but sometimes I just DON’T LIKE to share.  This was one of those moments.

The problem with poor quality prosciutto is that it just tastes like salt.  This however was mindblowingly cured to perfection.  It had such an interesting flavor, probably from the duck aspect, as prosciutto is usually made from pork.   Paired with the apple arugula salad, it was a winning combination.  The peppery arrugula played perfectly off of the tart apple slices.   My mouth is watering just remembering the dish.  I also loved the next 2 appetizers, however, they were not as AMAZING.

Soft Shell Crab endive salad

Mmmm…Again I did not want to share.  The soft shell crab was lightly fried and perfectly seasoned.  I’m not a fan of endive but I can appreciate its sharp flavor and how it can really stand out yet compliment food at the same time.   Though there was nothing terribly innovative or surprising in this dish, I still give it 2 thumbs up for tasty flavors.

Grilled Octopus arugula, cherry tomatoes

It seems like everywhere you go, you’ll find grilled octopus on the menu, especially at Italian places.  I think its like the “it protein” of the moment, or maybe it’s been around and I’m just new to the scene.  In any case, octopus can be a tricky meat.  Either its too tough or too tender or too charred.  This was a fine preparation.  And of course, arugula makes its way into yet another dish.  Oh don’t worry, it did not end here.

Mussels & Clams

I’m starting to feel I order this as much as Triple F orders fried calamari.  You just can’t go wrong!

Trofie alla Riviera short spiral pasta, shrimp, cherry tomatoes, spinach

I’ve never had spiral pasta like this before.  It was quite unique and of course perfectly al dente.  I love that toothsome bite!  As much as I liked the dish, it didn’t taste like anything special.  It was a hearty portion, that was not cheap on the shrimp (probably over cooked).  However, it tasted like something a good Italian homecook could whip up, probably because it was so pure and simple.

Risotto with Mixed Seafood Ragu

Another hearty dish with plenty of seafood.  I can’t remember much else.  It was good though.

Duck Breast balsamic reduction, sauteed spinach

I’m beginning to think that you shouldn’t waste your stomach space on the “secundi.”  It always seems to disappoint against the heartiness and soul satisfying pastas.  This was no exception.  I don’t think any of us were that impressed with the dish.  It was well cooked and well seasoned enough, but nothing too interesting.

Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries

I love soft custard like desserts.  I do prefer panna cotta over creme brulee.  I think I prefer the slightly firmer texture in panna cotta from the added gelatin.  I’ve only one REALLY bad panna cotta, and that was at The Little Next Door.  Ugh.  Hard like a rock.  This version was velvety smooth and not too sweet.  I love the pairing of creamy things with tart berries.  I can really plow through a big bowl of strawberries by myself.  So this plate was so easily wiped down clean by the table.

Semifreddo Al Caffe 

A semifreddo is an interesting thing.  It’s like frozen cream with a very airey texture.   It doesn’t quite have all the body of true ice cream or gelato.  It’s just lighter.  The flavors were solid, but I preferred the panna cotta.

Angelini Osteria is another Italian winner in my book.   The place gets pretty crowded so make a reservation.   The place also feels very genuine with real Italian waiters and backstaff.  I really felt like an Italian person could walk in and enjoy the food, but what do I know.  I think I’d go back and order 3 plates of the duck prosciutto.

Angelini Osteria

7313 Beverly Blvd

Los AngelesCA 90036


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