Angelini Osteria

Angelini Osteria has been very high up on my “revisit” list.  It left an incredible impression upon me after my first visit in 2010.  I figured Hobag would be the best person to come here with 1) because she had never been before and 2) I knew she would LOVE it.  As I get older, I have discovered, more often than not, that I am RIGHT about pretty much most things.  Did you miss the memo that big appetites and big egos go hand in hand??  Just kidding.Some might argue that Angelini is serving up the best pasta in all of Los Angeles.  I might throw in my vote there.  The place is small and the tables are seriously smashed up against each other.  Forget trying to have a private dinner conversation here.  We made buddies with the pair of over 40+ year old, balding, likely divorced or never-been-married dudes sitting next to us.  Possibly some rich Hollywood types who had great things to tell us about the place with personal menu recommendations.  Food really does bring everyone together.



Some little snacks.  The rosemary and olive oil were very fragrant and distinct.


I guess this was a free little gift from the kitchen.  It was just a light pasta salad.  Israeli couscous maybe?  Gobbled it down so fast I can barely remember much more of it.


Polipo Warm Octopus arugula, cherry tomatoes

Blog followers will know I have my issues with octopus.  Sometimes it is unnaturally tender, and other times it’s too tough and chewy.  I think they did a nice job here making the octopus tender enough, but then grilling it up with plenty of crispy char for the added texture.  The cherry tomatoes and arugula brought the brightness and spice.  I had the same dish 5 years ago and pretty much had the same impression.

Lobster Salad peaches, pomegranate, mixed baby greens

Hobag favored this starter over the last one.  This was more delicate and summery than the last one.  The lobster wasn’t overly dressed which was nice and was probably more tail meat than anything else.  The peaches and pomegranates were perfect touches.

Homemade Spaghetti Alla Norcina summer truffles, sausage, parmigiano reggiano

Overlord (previously known as The Boss Man) does not think Angelini is all that, but he agrees they probably have the best truffle pasta he has ever tasted in his life.  From the way Overlord talks, you might think he’s an authentic Italiano.  He’s just a Chinese dude with a penchant fast cars and pasta.


Hobag totally getting jazzed for the fresh truffle shaved tableside.

The thing with truffle is that it really does not have much taste unless warmed through.  So the tiniest sliver on each warm bite of perfectly al dente, slightly rustically shaped pasta made for the most heavenly and mind blowing dish of the night.

Agnolotti di ossobucco parmigiano reggiano sauce

I really was leaning towards the trofie again because I love tomato sauces with my pasta but I had to push myself to try something different.  The agnolotti did not disappoint.  It was delicate but al dente and heartily filled with tender veal shank.  The sauce was light and subtle.


None of the desserts seemed all that appealing, but our charming Italian waiter (thick ass accent with his mound of golden brown locks cascading from his pretty little head) sold us on the house made profiteroles.  Normally I find profiteroles soggy and/or stale filled with something I don’t care for much.  Yeah, this was just that.  Oh, but I guess it was drenched in chocolate sauce.  Hobag told them it was my birthday, but it really wasn’t.  She’s the worst.

Angelini Osteria impressed me yet again, even 5 years later.  So far, I’m on a roll with my “revisit list.”  It’s good to know substance, quality, and consistency can still be found amongst all the superficiality of Los Angeles.  The pastas here are SOLID and I haven’t found a better place in the area.  I wish I didn’t have to eat elbow to elbow with strangers, but I guess it adds to the experience?  I like that the place feels authentic with real Italians running the place.  I hope Angelini Osteria stays on the LA dining scene for generations to come.  It’s a real jewel.
10 – You NEED to eat here 
9 – Awesome! 

8 – Very good

7 – Good

6 – OK

5 – Average

4 – Not bad

3 – Not good
2 – Terrible
1 – Do NOT go here

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