Du Kuh Bee

Aside from dumplings, Portland is also lacking good Korean food.  I’m sure nothing compares to LA’s Koreatown except Korea itself.  It’s amazing how Korean food used to be something so foreign and weird tasting to something I really love.  I guess it’s cuz I have a penchant for stinky things and Korean food is full of that.  Anyways, Du Kuh Bee isn’t a true Korean place, but rather a Korean-Chinese place, maybe?  I’m not sure.  They are known for these delicious fresh hand pulled noodles.  I’ve never seen anything like that in any Korean restaurant.  But then they serve kimchi and galbi.  And then they have mapo tofu and fried rice.  Go figure.  Du Kuh Bee is seriously like one little Korean family running a little kitchen.  Service is on the slow side because dad pulls the noodles and mom does everything else.  Don’t go if you’re starving.


Nom nom nom


Pretty standard.

Pork Neck Stew

Pretty solid.  It had a good homey taste.   The flavors were more mild than it looks.  Not really all that spicy.  Dumpling Man enjoyed gnawing on the pork bones.

Hand Pulled Noodles chicken

Sometimes, it just goes to show that if you have one really popular and solid dish, you can probably sustain yourself as a successful restaurant.  In all honesty. the dishes are good but not amazing really.  The noodles on the other hand are pretty tasty!  I love the perfect al dente texture.  I love it when my noodles bite back at me and these certain do.  I like the little bit of spiciness, but these can be considered on the oily side, especially if you don’t eat it while it’s still hot.  They were sorta stingy on the chicken though.

I actually went back to Du Kuh Bee with Zhu Zhu Hamster just this week and she too liked the noodles.  We got galbi and a squid salad.  Both were just OK.  This place is open pretty late, so I’m sure Dumpling Man, Verde, and myself will be stopping here after a long day of boarding/skiing in the very near future.  I’ll definitely order the noodles and the pork stew again.  Any stew is good on a cold night, which are most nights here in Portland.

Du Kuh Bee

12590 SW 1st St 

BeavertonOR 97005 

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