The Mission

For our last meal in San Diego, we decided to brunch it up at The Mission.  What’s up with brunch places always having some crazy wait?  Why does everyone love brunch soooooo darn much?!  It’s just breakfast, but at lunch time.  For some crazy reason, people get way too excited about eggs and pancakes at noontime.  I like brunch, but I don’t love it.

CMac Attack kicked off the meal by ordering a caramel machiatto or latte.  The nice waiter brought her a freshly made hot drink, with a smiley face made in the foam.  CMac Attack kindly conveyed her disappointment in the error since she wanted a cold drink.  The waiter surprisingly brought her another drink, cold, but with a sad face this time.  Haha!

House Quesadilla Grilled chicken, cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, salsa cruda, green onions and sour cream served with Mission black beans 

CMac Attack did what she did best, attack!!!!  Haha, jk.  I think she enjoyed this dish.

Chicken Pesto Quesadilla cheese, basil pesto, tomatoes, onions & green salad

The Toothbrush Sharer enjoyed her dish, but she couldn’t finish it all.  I sampled a generous slice and found it a bit too greasy, probably since it wasn’t piping hot anymore.

Breakfast Potatoes

My favorite part of breakfast may indeed be the potatoes.  I loooooove to order them, but DJ SuCha did the deed instead.  These were herby and moist with a nice crispy crunch to some of them.

Power Plato Breakfast scrambled egg whites, chicken apple sausage,  flour tortillas, black beans

I’ve noticed I’ve done some poor ordering lately.  This was one of them.  There was nothing particularly bad about the dish, it just wasn’t very special.  I had cravings for something with salsa and then the sausage caught my eye.  Of course it was too much food and I couldn’t eat it all.  I really loved the warm soft flour tortilla though.  Sometimes, carbs just does it for me! 

Mission Chilaquiles corn tortilla chips, layered with black beans, cheese, scrambled eggs, roasted tomato ginger sauce & chipotle cream

Now this was special.  Dubabo did a good job with this one.  It looks like a huge pile of food, but it was quite delicious and definitely unique out of all the dishes we had.  The chips were soaked in this tomato ginger sauce which gave everything a nice kick of flavor.  It was probably a really heavy dish, but it was tasty nonetheless.

The Mission was a nice place for some Mexican inspired brunch fare.  The wait was sorta long and the parking was difficult to find, but none of us seemed to mind since we were all in good company enjoying good food in the end.  There’s a two other locations, North Park and Mission Beach, so hit one up if you’re ever in the area.  But by the looks of it, San Diego has no shortage of highly-rated brunch spots for your choosing.

The Mission

1250 J St

(between 12th Ave & 13th St)

San DiegoCA 92101

Neighborhood: East Village

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