Extraordinary Desserts

No trip to San Diego is complete without a visit to Extraordinary Desserts, especially if you’ve never been before.  It is the “go-to” spot for some of the prettiest cakes and desserts.  After many years since opening this 2nd location near Downtown San Diego, the place still has a busy line out the door with a long wait on the weekends.  I will admit that I’m not a huge fan of cakes in general, but this is a fun place to take friends here for their first time experience.  You can’t deny the awe-inspiring effect a large display of cakes and desserts has on people as they walk through the door.

Frasier fresh strawberries, raspberry buttercream and whipped cream, layered between Kirsch moistened vanilla cakes

This was definitely my favorite cake of the chosen three.  If I enjoy a cake, it usually has fruit in it.  Here the vanilla cake was moist with a light dash of liquor and enhanced by the delicate layers of cream and berries.  I think I got this same cake my first time here.  I guess I can’t escape berries ‘n cream.

Chocolate cake

Sorry guys, I can’t remember which cake this was.  I only remember it being sinfully chocolatey and decadent.  The cake was moist and the layered cream in between was rich and sweet.  Sadly this was probably the least favorite cake at the table.  Not to imply it was bad, but it wasn’t as special as the others.

Roasted Coconut Cream vanilla cake moistened with coconut milk, layered with coconut mousse, coconut custard, and whipped cream

Dubabo really loved this one!  I’m not a huge fan of coconut, so I didn’t fully appreciate the tropical delight sitting in front of us.  I thought the fruit coulis (mango and strawberry) served on the side added a different dimension of flavor.  If you like coconut, this cake’s for you.

Kiwi Lemonade

Extraordinary Desserts is known, not only for its desserts, but for its very large selection of specialty teas and coffees.  I will admit that a hot tea would have been the perfect accompaniment to the sweet cakes, but I was in the mood for something fruity and refreshing.  I was really impressed with the use of kiwi in a lemonade.  It was tart and fun with all the bits of fruit and seeds settling at the bottom.  It’s definitely something I’d like to try recreating at home.

I think I like Extraordinary Desserts more the idea and concept of a giant beautiful dessert restaurant that’s open late, more than for it’s cakes.  Next time I’d like to try the other desserts to see if they’re worth coming back for.  Otherwise, I’d just keep coming back for the ambiance and experience.  It’s just a fun place to go with friends or for a date.  If you plan to get your own slice, be prepared to take home your leftovers.  It is just way too much to eat a whole slice by yourself in one sitting, unless you’re an obese American and 33.8% of Americans are!  Don’t say I never taught you anything!

Extraordinary Desserts

1430 Union St

San DiegoCA 92101


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