So in Seattle, Tom Douglas is King.  You may ask why?  Well when you own 6 restaurants and 1 bakery that garners outstanding reviews and is wildly loved by the masses, then you can be king too.  Oh, when you stick all those restaurants within a 1 mile radius of each other, that just shows people your royal attitude.  “Hey I own this town, and if I want to stick all the restaurants right next to each other, well goddamit I’m gonna do it!”  Seriously though, Serious Pie, Dahlia Lounge, Dahlia Bakery, Lola, and Palace Kitchen are all in the same block in Belltown!!  Etta and Seatown are also right next to each other but by Pike Place Market.

Anyways, when you’re looking for good brunch, there seems no shortage of it in this town.  I decided on Lola for their Mediterranean/Greek inspired brunch fare. Good thing we had reservations because the place was pretty packed.  It’s connected to a pretty nice hotel so we had a comfortable and warm place to wait since we showed up early.

Ginger Mint Spritzer housemade ginger syrup, mint, lemon, soda

A bright start to brunch.  The ginger taste was stronger than expected but much appreciated.

Roasted Sweet Red Pepper freshly grilled pita bread

The pita were especially fresh, soft, and fluffy.  The pita were sitting in a little pool of rich high quality olive oil.  This subtle touch really added some oomph to the pita bread.  There was a good selection of spreads to choose from, but we went with the red pepper one.  It was bright, lightly tangy and sweet.

Roasted peppers, greek sausage and feta omlette, smashed garlic fried potatoes, toast

Doesn’t this dish look boring and lackluster?  It was swimming in feta and neither of us were pleased with that.  Great dish if you like feta though.  The “smashed garlic fried potatoes left something to be desired.  Not really that garlicky. 

Kebabs Lamb, caramelized garlic, red wine glaze, jackie’s greek salad, tzatziki

Drooooool.  Now these were really the winning dish of the meal.  The lamb kebabs were so tender and that glaze and seasoning was fantastic!  I was trying to soak up every bit of juice and sauce with the pita bread.  It was that delicious.  The Greek salad was pretty standard but went well with the dish.  

Made To Order Doughnuts seasonal jam, vanilla mascarpone

Everyone raved about these donuts.  They were presented in a paper bag filled with cinnamon sugar which our server shook up and served on the plate.  The donuts were crispy on the sugary exterior but light on the inside.  They weren’t anything spectacular but I think people really liked the vanilla mascarpone which did add a unique flavor, subtle cheesy creamy sweetness.  It went very nicely with the jam.

Lola was great for those darn tasty kebabs.  I’d love to try their other kebabs.  The actual breakfast type stuff didn’t look all that exciting to me compared to the kebabs, but I just prefer lunch over breakfast anyways.  Their version of eggs benedict sounded pretty good.  Next time I head up to Seattle, I will be certainly visiting the other Tom Douglas restaurants, probably Dahlia Lounge since it was the first establishment in the empire.


2000 4th Ave

Seattle, WA 98121

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