I don’t get too excited to write posts about sushi.  Its discouraging to write a post when you have limited adjectives to describe something you know is so delicious and special.  But sushi is just one of those baffling types of foods that words do not do justice.  Audio Monkey sans wifey and The Anti-Exerciser   plus wifey joined me for an omakase experience at Nozomi.  I do love tasting menus and omakase because it just takes the burden off myself to figure out what to order.

Sweet Lip 

I never had this before, but it was clean tasting.

Yellow Fin Sea Bream

Another fish I don’t commonly eat, but it was solid.


Spanish Mackerel

Not the best version, but not bad.

Baby Abalone


I felt pretty bad eating this considering all the bad press about the rapidly dwindling population of bluefin tuna, but alas, it was served to me and I’m not passionate about the cause to offend the chef and not eat it or give it back.  I ate it, and I didn’t think it was worth it.

Giant Clam

I love giant clam!

This was the BEST offering of the night.  It made me want to go back and have an uni bowl.  I definitely expect it to be better than the offering at Maruhide Uni Club.
At the beginning of an omakase offering, the chef usually asks if there are certain things you don’t like to eat.  I usually say tamago and fish roe.  Unfortunately, the chef didn’t ask us!  Audio Monkey shared my sentiments as we stared down this piece of sushi and prayed to God that a fishy explosion in our mouths wasn’t in our immediate futures.  We were pleasantly surprised to actually experience a clean salinity bathe our tastebuds.  I just might try fish roe again in the future.
King Crab
Tuan Roll
I was really stuffed by this point.  I love dining with dudes because its so easy to make them eat whatever you don’t want to eat.  Most men hardly ever turn down extra food.  Girls on the other hand, are always whining about how fat they are and will usually eat less than me.  Actually, when I think about it, none of my girlfriends are really like that, but I’d definitely feel guilty burdening a girl with more food than she should eat than a guy.  I guess I expect guys to be fat bottomless pits.
I liked Nozomi, but it wasn’t the most amazing omakase experience I’ve had for that price point.  I think it was like $50?  Sushi Gen was much better, but more expensive and less food.  I would go back to Nozomi if I were in the area, and I definitely want to go back for lunch to try the uni bowl.  It looks delicious.


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