King Hua

Dim sum has to fall into the same category as sushi, for it’s lack of varying descriptors.  Also, while all sushi looks the same, all dim sum looks the same as well.  As a result, dim sum isn’t all that exciting to blog about, but I still do it because good dim sum deserves some attention.  King Hua isn’t the best, but it’s pretty good.  Maybe I don’t know what the best is anymore, since my favorite place Sea Harbour Seafood has faltered in quality just a tad.  LoMa-Linda recommended some new places for me to try since the prices and wait times are high at Sea Harbour.  I agreed to try King Hua mostly because they serve milk buns, and I refuse to eat dim sum unless I can have my milk buns!  This meal was a special occasion since The Gunner (who needs a new name) and Perpetually Underwhelmed were visiting me from Portland.  I wanted to show them what was good about SoCal, and ain’t nothing better here than the Asian food.

Siu Mai

Porky, juicy, plump.


Pan Fried Turnip Cake
Crispy exterior with bits of Chinese sausage smattered between chunks of moist cakey turnip.

Chinese Broccoli 

Obligatory greens

Har Gow

Shrimpy, plumpy.  I liked that the skins weren’t too thick.


Scallop Har Gow
Basically the same as the shrimp har gow but with a meaty little scallop on top.  At Sea Harbour, they add shark fin!  I’m happy without it.
Fried Mochi Dumpling with Pork
I tend to stay away from the fried delicacies at dim sum because usually they are too greasy and heavy.  I think maybe The Gunner ordered this?  Either way, it was crispy, chewy, savory, and tasty.  I can only imagine all the calories.


Shrimp Chow Fun Roll

Nothing too memorable here.

Xiao Long Bao

I’m not sure why I continue to order this at dim sum, because it’s not nearly as good as it should be when compared to a xiao long bao place like Din Tai Fung.  The skin is always too thick, meat inside is lacking dimensional flavor, and sometimes it’s not very juicy.

Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaves


I love ordering this because it makes the meal complete with a little bit of starch, but it always ends up being too much.
Milk Buns

Pretty darn good, as good as Sea Harbour.  I just wish I knew how to makes these!

Egg Custard Tarts
Perfect with a cup of tea.  Ain’t no better way to finish off some great dim sum with friends.


The Gunner was quite pleased with the dim sum.  It’s notches beyond that served in Portland.  But it should be no surprise that Perpetually Underwhelmed was unimpressed.  Being from Thailand, the dim sum there is pretty much as good as it is in Hong Kong given the proximity, or so she says.  I’ll admit, King Hua ain’t the best of the best but its good and if I don’t have to wait, I’d come here.  Sea Harbour Seafood has a little cleaner dining experience, but a little dirt never hurt anyone.


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