Harry Potter-Luck #3

I started a tradition some years ago with a potluck before watching the newest Harry Potter movie. This year marks the 3rd Harry Potter-Luck (get it, potluck, potter-luck? totally original and totally MY IDEA so if you ever hear anyone else say those words they had to have stolen it from me!). Anyways, I’ve tried to make it a cooking competition too with best dish winning a prize. Nothing too extravagant, just good food, fun times. Prior Potter-Lucks always fell on a Friday so I think it was difficult for people to cook. This year it was on a Saturday so I guess people had more time to actually cook, and boy did it show! Food was excellent this year!

Dish#1 – Veggie Platter

Good thing I bought this, cuz it was an attempt to balance out the dishes with something fresh and healthy.

Dish #2 – Nem Nuong Cuon (Grilled Pork Patty Spring Rolls) – Made by YOURS TRULY!

This dish was certainly well received and actually won for best dish, but being the host I couldn’t accept my own prize. Anyways, I had to cook the pork patties on my little George Foreman grill and man was it a laborious process. And rolling all of them by myself wasn’t so easy either, but I’m glad people liked them so much. It didn’t have the fried eggroll wrapper inside them like they serve at the restaurants and I just served it with some fish sauce dipping sauce. I’ll definitely make these again.

Dish #3 – Cauliflower and Chicken Curry – Made by Winnius/Darnie

This won best dish! I probably should have taken a picture of the dish in a bowl with rice, but I was too flustered and we should be happy we have a pic at all! It was delicious! Indian curry made by a non-Indian person, go figure! I think it was supposed to cook for another 3 hrs but didn’t get to, still good anyways.

Dish #4 – Beef with Mini Yorkshire Puddings – Made by Susie

I didn’t even know you could make mini yorkshire puddings. Leave it up to Susie to wow us all. Beef was nice and medium rare!

Dish #5 – Chilli & Cornbread with Honey Butter

Kudos to Tamby for making such a complete dish, it really was a meal in itself. Rave reviews for the honey butter, and how could you go wrong with Marie Callendar’s Corn Bread. I always love a good chili even if it came from a powdered mix!

Dish #6 – Gumbo – Made by Claire

Another delicious dish! Very ambitious to attempt gumbo. It always seems so complicated with all the spices and making a roux.

Dish #7 – Ralph’s Rotisserie Chicken – Brought by Christine

Who doesn’t like rotisserie chicken!

Dish #8 – Sam Woo’s Chinese Roasted Pork – Brought by Mada

And who doesn’t like roasted pork?

Dessert time!

Dish #9 – Trader Joe’s Cookies & Brownies – Brought by Emi

Dish #10 – Fresh Berry Mix – Provided by YOURS TRULY

These went very well with the next dish…

Dish #11 – Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes – Brought by Dumpling Man

OH SO VERY DELICIOUS! Dunno how they make something so pedestrian taste so special. I am certainly a fan!

Anyways, good times with good food! I can’t wait for the next and last movie. It’ll be a bittersweet moment.

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