Hiko Sushi

So I actually came to Hiko for a birthday treat from Smooth Obturator and Triple T.  Hiko had been on my radar for some time after some really rave reviews from Ghetto Booty Talks A Lot.  This was many years ago, when he said Hiko was some of the BEST sushi he has ever eaten.  So finally I had an opportunity to try this place, which oddly enough is closed on the weekends.  To me, it seems strange to close on the weekends (the busiest dining time), but maybe that means the sushi is super fresh since fisherman aren’t working on the weekends supposedly.


I’ve never been a huge fan of tuna since its pretty tasteless.  To help offset the bland nature of this fish, it is often bathed in a sea of ponzu, topped with finely chopped scallions and toasted sesame seeds.  I thought this preparation was pretty standard, but I still think Sugarfish edges this one out.  There is just something so tasty about their ponzu sauce.


Luscious and delicious.

Red Snapper

I’m not a huge fan of red snapper, and there was nothing particular special here.

Crab Hand Roll

Yummy! Not too mayo-y.   But still not as good as Sugarfish’s.

Sea Bass

A delicious cut, very fresh.


Again, not my favorite, but it was well done here.  I think I’ve had better.


Pretty fatty in taste and texture.  2 thumbs up!

Hiko was pretty good, but did not meet my super high expectations there were unfortunately set that high no thanks to Ghetto Booty Talks A Lot.  It wasn’t the cheapest omakase, maybe $60-80 if I remember correctly?  I’m just missing a picture of the toro which was pretty damn good.  I was so stuffed by the end.  I don’t think I’ll be coming back here anytime soon.  But don’t get my wrong, the place was good, I just have other places I need to try, namely Sushi Zo, and one day…Urasawa!

Hiko Sushi

11275 National Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90064

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