Lauretta Jean’s

I love me some pie, but only the fruity ones.  I never ate pecan pie, pumpkin pie, or banana cream pie, just to name a few, growing up.  It’s a strange concept to pair a flakey pie crust with the aforementioned ingredients.  I love the contrast of a tart tangy fruit with a slightly sweet buttery pie crust.  It’s a match made in heaven when in my mouth and tummy.  I never got to check out Lauretta Jean’s when I lived in Portland.  After a comforting lunch at Sen Yai where I was sufficiently satisfied, though not horribly stuffed, The Gunner informed me Lauretta Jean’s was but a hop skip and a jump away.  Even though I knew I only wanted a few bites of anything and the rest would be boxed up, I just had to go and order more than I could eat alone.  The Gunner didn’t plan on partaking too much.
They have a varied selection of baked goods beyond pie.


The pie…




I settled for the blackberry raspberry streusel of course.  Not exactly sure if it’s really the season for these fruits, but I prefer berries over apples any day of the week.  The filling was nummy nummy and the streusel topping was just right.  Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to ding them for the crust.  I’m fairly certain it would have been perfect eaten fresh.  But this crust was more flakey than crumbly (think pastry puff flakey vs. shortbread crumbly), and so suffered from a touch of sogginess.  The flavors were good overall.

Damn, isn’t this brownie so pretty?  Or maybe it’s just the awesome photographer making a mundane black lump look like a spectacular masterpiece?  The brownie was solid and deeply chocolatey.  You know they’re using the high quality cocoa here.

I liked Lauretta Jean’s for its nice selection of pies and baked goods.  They might have missed the mark on the crust, but I am pretty forgiving and I would still come back to try the other flavors.  I liked its little hipster Portland feel.  It’s amazing that when I actually lived in Portland, I didn’t really appreciate the charm of the city’s hipster culture.  In fact I was almost annoyed by it.  Why did everything have to look so grungy and old?  Why did all the waiters/waitresses have to look like they just rolled out of bed?  Have the men here ever heard of a razor??  It’s such a stark contrast to where I live now, that I found everything I loathed about Portland to be refreshing and charming.  Anyways, I digress.  This is a food blog after all.

10 – You NEED to eat here
9 – Awesome!
8 – Very good
7 – Good 
6 – OK
5 – Average
4 – Not bad
3 – Not good
2 – Terrible
1 – Do NOT go here

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