After successive, yet delicious, New American meals, I was craving something with just a little bit more oomph and flavor.  Perhaps some Asian fare?  But of course, Portland isn’t the place to be when you’re craving a salty umami rich bowl of ramen or spicy cold Korean noodles.  It was brunch time, and I think I had my fare share of Portland’s dim sum.  So what next?  Well, I had yet to try Broder, which is a popular Scandinavian brunch spot.  It really wasn’t what I was craving, so I guess I was glad to see that, yet again, the wait was out the door.  Plan B:  Pambiche!  Hooray for Cubans in Portland.  How did they ever find their way here?  I have no clue.

Bistec de Palomilla (Cuban Steak & Eggs) Thin cut top sirloin steaks, creole herbs and spices, pan fried red onions, scrambled eggs, fufú de plátano and Moros & Cristianos

I actually didn’t get to try any of Zhu Zhu Hamster’s dish because she looked like “death”, and I didn’t feel like catching “death.”  She seemed pretty happy with it though.

Pisto Manchego chorizo sausage, ham, bacon, gulf shrimp, russet potatoes, pimientos and petit pois, peppered egg scramble. Served with pan frito

I’m surprised Dumpling Man actually enjoyed this dish.  It certainly has many components that he dislikes, but his original choice was all out.  That’s what happens when you come to brunch right when service is about to end.  In any case, it was a mish mosh of proteins but it was very hearty.

Picadillo Cua-Cua (Cuban Hash & Eggs) cuban beef hash, Mediterranean herbs and vegetables, spanish olive oil, sherry wine sofrito, fresh avocado, arroz blanco and maduros

I probably enjoyed the prior dish a bit more.  This hash was more like ground beef sauteed with herbs and vegetables.  It was flavorful, but a tad bit sweet.  It came with scrambled eggs which were delightfully fluffy.  I liked having breakfast with rice!

Pambiche is definitely a stand out restaurant amidst the grey gloom of Portland.  Not only is the restaurant itself colorful and lively, but the food certainly delivers bold and strong flavors.  I would love to come here again to try the other items on the brunch menu, and even the lunch and dinner items.  Olé!


2811 NE Glisan Street

Portland, OR 97232

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